A proud native of East Cleveland, Ohio, Darren Reed has nearly three decades of educational teaching and leadership experience in both the public and private sectors.  He currently serves as Senior Vice President, School Management at K12, Inc. where he oversees the operation of 13 online and blended school programs across six states.  

Executive Leadership/Education Reform

Reed has also held roles as Vice President of School Leadership Development and Vice President of Blended Schools at K12, Inc. where he designed innovative school models in Chicago, San Francisco, and San Jose, CA.  These early blended school models helped shape school reform and design initiatives, expanding how technology is leveraged to increase learning options to meet the needs of all students.

Reed also served as the Executive Director at New Leaders for New Schools where he led the organization's flagship Aspiring Principals Program (APP).  New Leaders is the nation's premier non-profit school leadership and research organization that aims to  recruit and train school leaders who focus on improving education  results for economically disadvantaged and minority students.  Reed understands the role quality leadership plays in building organizational capacity and culture that leads to successful results.  In his role as Executive Director, Reed led NL's APP program through comprehensive redesign that led to improved leader identification, training, and assessment.  Reed's contribution helped expand the nation's next generation of leaders to transform schools in our nation's most under served communities. 

Master Teacher and School Leader

Reed began his career in Virginia where he served as a teacher and Principal in three different school districts where he experienced success at each level.  His work as an award-winning teacher in Newport News, VA (1997 Teacher of the Year) has been featured in articles as well as research studies highlighting the impact of his work in transforming student and school outcomes in primarily under-served communities.  Feeling the desire to expand his sphere of influence, Reed continued his work as a school principal in Fairfax County and Alexandria City Public School districts, helping to lead schools to consistently high academic performance.  Reed has consulted for schools and districts across the country to help improve their outcomes with marginalized students.

Reed's commitment and passion to this work is rooted in his own experience growing up in East Cleveland, Ohio as a first generation college student.  He believes strongly that there is untapped potential, talent, genius and resilience in young people in under-resourced communities across our nation.  His work helps people and organizations of all kind to identify that talent and improve outcomes for all young people.

Reed is guest lecturer at the George Washington University where he holds an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership.  He also holds a Masters in Ed Leadership, Policy, and Planning from the College of William and Marry and a B.A. Education from Hiram College in Ohio.  Reed lives in Virginia with his wife and  two children.